Give your company a face again! Increased success with empathy video consultation.

The mobile availability of the internet has changed our lives to such an extent that we are able to speak of a digital revolution. Naturally, this also applies to our business relationships.

However, it is still the case that many business decisions are based on trust and human relationships, thus living and breathing from personal contact. Interpersonal communication is executed primarily with our eyes and voices. Video consultation is thus the ideal way of combining the best of both worlds.

For a number of years, empathy by purpleview has been one of the leading solutions in real-time video consultation for banks, insurances, the health industry and for many other consultation-intensive industries.

News & Information

3. April 2017

purpleview concludes a long-term contract with BITMARCK

On 01.07.2016, BITMARCK Beratung GmbH and purpleview GmbH launched a partnership and concluded a contract on a long-term basis. The joint aim is to offer all interested health […]
3. April 2017

The empathy Suite has been named one of the most innovative solutions of 2016

The empathy Suite was awarded the certificate “Best of 2016” in the “Communication” sector by the Mittelstand initiative and is thus again one of the most innovative solutions. […]

empathy video consultation – the next chapter in digital communication

The key benefits:
  • empathy gives your company a face again
  • You create a personal connection with your clients
  • Faster and more efficient use of specialists and experts
  • Elimination of travel times and costs for both employees and clients
  • Increased reach, availability and client satisfaction
  • Synchronisation of online channels with stationary business (omni-channel)

Our industry solutions at a glance:

empathy video consultation solutions have been employed successfully for many years in various industries. From initial consultation through to integration into the workflow, to the training of employees – purpleview provides everything you need from a single source.

Mitarbeiter einer Versicherung arbeitet mit empathy
Mitarbeiter arbeitet mit empathy Finance
Ärztin berät mittels Beratungssoftware empathy Healthcare
Videoberatung mit empath Insurance

Technology – Made in Germany

The large functional scope of empathy enables the incorporation of all technical opportunities and platforms into a single solution – from initial client contact through to the conclusion of a contract.

Connection options

With the 7 different types of connection, empathy brings your clients and the appropriate consultants together in an intelligent way. In doing so, you can work both inbound and outbound whilst supporting both reactive and proactive methods of establishing contact

Chat types

The empathy Suite offers video chat, text chat and multi chat, and you can switch back and forth easily, as required. It is always possible to upgrade from text chat to video chat, from telephone to video chat, from Voice-over-IP to video chat and back again.

Expert functions

If, during a chat, the support of a second consultant is required, they can simply be added to the conversation or the conversation can be passed directly over to them.

Working together (collaboration)

Alongside a trustworthy contact, the ability to collaborate is key. For example, to view documents, fill out forms, sign them or to surf a website together.

Video Ident

Video Ident can be used to carry out the otherwise extensive legitimation process easily during online consultation.


Contracts can be concluded with an electronic signature during the online consultation process without changing media format.

Other functions

Many additional useful functions, such as recording, Agent Protect and various interfaces are available in order to optimally incorporate empathy into your infrastructure and processes.

Installation and data security

The implementation of empathy in your workflow is simple, quick and flexible with both SaaS solutions and in-house solutions available. Quick installation and high data security (German servers) are a matter of course for us.

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