Agent Desktop
Ergonomic front-end: Efficient operation of all media channels

What you find here
Agent Desktop is a CTI solution for contact centres and optimises the processes for telephone, email and chat interactions within a clever user interface. Thanks to flexible adaptation options, it is user-oriented and simple to configure.
What makes Agent Desktop so special?
In a modern contact centre all media channels are bundled and served by all agents in accordance with skills. An optimum performance is only achieved if the information exchanged during consultation can be incorporated into all used systems. The use of the purpleview Agent Desktop enables every agent to handle all current media channels, for example, telephone, chat, email or text message. Additional media channels can be added at any time. At the same time, the modular and open architecture of the software enables simple linking to all other applications used by the agents.

The purpleview Agent Desktop has been designed specifically for use in Genesys-based contact centres. The modular architecture enables quick porting for use in other environments. An SDK enables the addition of your own expansions or the simple connection of external systems.

  • Easy to operate, ergonomic front-end for agents
  • Helpful caller information for quick handling
  • Real-time groups and queue information can be configured freely, including waiting, speaking and hold times
  • Telephony functions, like reason codes, re-operation, DTMF support and much more
  • Comfortable multi-line-handling, with conferencing, transfers, consultation functions etc.
  • Complete compatibility with multimedia and openmedia
  • Intelligent transfers

What are the outstanding functions of Enterprise Insight?

Aufzählungspunkt Multichannel dargestellt als Frau auf einem Desktop


  • All relevant media channels
  • Telephone, chat, email or text message
Aufzählungspunkt Telefonie dargestellt als Telefon


  • Elementary telephony functions
  • Intelligent transfer lists
Aufzählungspunkt Open Media dargestellt als zwei Briefe

Open Media

  • Integration of OpenMedia content
  • Processing of any data in the same working environment
Aufzählungspunkt Statistiken dargestellt als Säulendiagramm


  • Own control and time optimisation for agents
  • Simple configuration of statistics panels, queues and team details
Aufzählungspunkt für Architektur dargestellt als Puzzelteile


  • Modular architecture enables quick expansions
  • Open SDK enables own expansions or connection of external systems