Control Center
Cockpit for team leaders: Administration of agents and agent groups

What you find here
The quality of call centre-routing depends on the currency of agent skills. Control Center enables your agents to act within a comfortable and effective interface.

What are the outstanding functions of Control Center?
Events such as Christmas reoccur at regular intervals and require intervention in the system. Control Center allows you to automate these procedures. Either fully-automated and time-controlled or you can store appropriate task packages that are triggered manually. Control Center contains many other additional and useful tools to make your day as team manager with Genesys more pleasant and effective.
Aufzählungspunkt Servicesteuerung dargestellt als Person mit Telefon

Service steering and agent management

  • Agent management made easy in Genesys CME
  • Management of skills, groups and agent
Aufzählungspunkt Zeitsteuerung dargestellt als Uhr mit Pfeil

Time control

  • Automated events
  • Accelerated work procedures
  • Unique and cyclical
Aufzählungspunkt ergonomische Benutzerfläche dargestellt als Computer-Fenster mit Zahnrad

Ergonomic user interface

  • Convenient filter and search functions
  • Localisation
  • Native integration in Genesys CME