For more than 6 years, purpleview has been developing video consultation software and is, today, one of the leading providers of real-time video consultation for banks, insurances, healthcare and retailers with consultation-intensive products.

Our empathy Suite combines all of the functions for video consultation that are required for the optimum activation of your clients via Internet or consultation kiosk. The product specialises in enabling ad-hoc communication via various channels. With just one click, your client has all of the functions at their disposal. They do not need to read operating instructions, nor install additional software.

empathy can be adapted to the image of your company in such a way that your client considers it your solution. It can be fully integrated into your internet, intranet or PoS presence. The video consultation function can be initiated by both your consultants and your clients. It can also be triggered via a telephone call, since our empathy Suite is outbound-capable.

Connection options

empathy brings together the client and the relevant, appropriate consultant in an intelligent way using various connection methods. In doing so, you can work both inbound and outbound. Both reactive and proactive methods of establishing contact are supported.

Chat types

Whether the internet or the telephone is used for audio transmission, whether video is to be transmitted in one or both directions, or whether just a text chat option is required, empathy is always the right product for client communication. Should communication requirements change during the course of the conversation, the method can be changed any time. It is always possible to upgrade from text chat to video chat, from telephone to video chat, from Voice-over-IP to video chat and back again. And if the support of a second consultant is required, they can simply be added to the conversation or the conversation can be passed directly over to them.

Working together (collaboration)

Alongside a trustworthy contact, the ability to collaborate is key. For example, to view documents, fill out forms, sign them or to surf a website together. It may also make sense for the consultant and the client to take a look at the consultant's screen together to share the contents of applications or to use such together.

Other functions

Many additional useful functions, such as recording, Agent Protect and various interfaces are available in order to optimally incorporate empathy into your infrastructure and your processes.

Technology / Integration / APIs

empathy can be used to implement an extreme range, but only with the support of a wide variety of different technologies. The chat and collaboration functions can be used, even though your clients are all using a variety of operating systems and end devices. It is simple and quick to embed empathy functions into your website, the same applies to the installation of a kiosk system.

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