Installation and data security


The SaaS model is based on the provision of the empathy software and the IT infrastructure by purpleview. You, as a client of purpleview, use empathy as a service and need not worry about the technology. Our empathy SaaS version can be switched for you in a day. The high data security of our SaaS solution is a matter of course for us. For this reason, we only work with a renowned and certified German computer centre.


A special feature that purpleview offers compared to many other providers, is that empathy can also be installed in-house on your own servers. Depending on requirements, the advantages of this include improved workflow implementation with other systems (e.g. CRM solutions). In this instance, you are "master" of both the server and data security.

Our industry solutions at a glance

empathy video consultation solutions have been employed successfully for many years in various industries. From the initial consultation through to integration into the workflow, to the training of employees – purpleview provides everything you need from a single source.