Enterprise Insight
Real-time data and figures: How you want them, when you want them.

What you find here
360° real-time. Almost every employee of a contact centre profits from real-time data and monitoring, since the overview of the daily business is extremely important to steer the performance of a company and thus increases the satisfaction of your clients. Whether you are managing the contact centre, or are a service employee who needs an overview of the current hold situation or a team manager who needs a control method to enable the recognition and balancing of overspills - Enterprise Insight offers a 360° view of the current situation within the company. Maybe you are also a client of multiple carrier service providers and would like a uniform overall view of all activities on one screen? Enterprise Insight can do this too.

What does Enterprise Insight show?

Your service staff have their personal statistics in view and are able to check their own performances. The creation of planning figures means that you, as workforce manager, are able to execute an intended/actual situation comparison and take the appropriate measures - using whichever end device suits you best.
  • ACD, CTI, CRM, WFM, ODBC, etc.
Enterprise Insight connects to various data sources, such as telephone systems, CTI and other employed software solutions determines all relevant figures and combines them into strong, emotional representations - if you like even in the company's corporate design!

  • Service levels, status times, thresholds and more
You are able to configure calculated values, for example, the service level or the average duration of a call, yourself and have these displayed by Enterprise Insight. Special colour highlighting options ensure that you can immediately recognise overspills and peaks and respond to them.

What makes Enterprise Insight so special?

Your real-time data: How you want it and when you want it.
Enterprise Insight is data collection, analysis tool and real-time monitoring in a single solution. It combines various output options: With the web-based components, you have access to your data from any web-browser. You have your smartphone to hand, wherever you are, and thus always have access to your real-time data - on specially adapted screens with the appropriate control options. Furthermore, the data is presented to your service employees at a convenient size on a large monitor. The administration is simple, the technology has been designed for large installations and has been tried and tested in practise many times. If you would like to find out more, please contact us!

What are the outstanding functions of Enterprise Insight?

Aufzählungspunkt Boardview dargestellt als Leinwand mit Zahlen


Designed for automatic operation, the display of data and information on monitors and TVs is the speciality of boardview.
Aufzählungspunkt für Webview dargestellt als Desktop


webview can be used to combine steering-relevant team data for team leaders and hotline figures in detailed and interactive screens.
Aufzählungspunkt smartview dargestellt als Smartphone mit Wolke


Your data any time and anywhere – smartview for your mobile device makes it all possible.
Aufzählungspunkt für agentview dargestellt als Computer mit Benutzer


Supply your consultants with all the data they need to efficiently process client inquiries.
Aufzählungspunkt enterpriseview dargestellt als Tabelle mit Lupe


enterpriseview offers all data from the entire company in a overview, and all details regarding input channels and agents
Aufzählungspunkt realtime dargestellt als Uhr


Thanks to real-time updating of data by Enterprise Insight you can IMMEDIATELY respond to the calls coming in!
Aufzählungspunkt Studio dargestellt als Computer-Desktop mit Pinsel


Be creative and create views to match your needs! Studio enables you to create fantastic designs easily and leverage your company information.
Aufzählungspunkt Datenquellen dargestellt als Aufstapelung von Fächern

Data sources

Do you want to know how many clients rang today, and how many of them have purchased from you?